St. Ignatius
St. Ignatius Stained Glass Windows

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Holy Family Window The Annunciation The Nativity The Presentation Jesus in the Temple Wedding at Cana Jesus and the Children Mary Magdalene Anoints Jesus The Resurrection Patriotic Window

The ten stained glass windows in the main sanctuary of St. Ignatius Church, Chicago, IL were designed and constructed by the Emil Frei Company of St. Louis, MO. In this era (1918), the Frei company specialized in painting on glass techniques and were known for the great detail of their depictions of biblical scenes. Two primary windows at the crossing, the Holy Family Window on the south side and the Patriotic Window on the north are larger and have multiple scenes depicted in each window. The Patriotic Window is unique for its depiction of soldiers in uniform and is a memorial to those fallen in World War I. The remaining eight windows each depict a scene from Jesus' life beginning with the Annunciation and ending with the Resurrection. The four smaller windows of the south facade depict four of the five Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. Each window is of a monumental scale being over 40 feet in height.

Special thanks to Tom Gnidovic for taking and editing these photographs.