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Dear Wedding Couple,

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. These web pages include the St. Ignatius wedding music information sheet, and a wedding planning form. We look forward to meeting with you soon to finalize the plans for your wedding music.

Director of Music
St. Ignatius Church
6559 North Glenwood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60626
(773) 764-5936 ext. 17

St. Ignatius Wedding Music Information


Planning music for your wedding is best done at least three months in advance of the liturgy. Once the date of your wedding has been set, please contact our director of music. They may be reached via voicemail: (773) 764-5936 ext. 17 but the recommended method of contact is by e-mail: Using materials recommended by the music director, you may begin filling our your music planning form. You will then arrange a meeting to finalize the plans for your wedding music. This meeting will take place at church and usually lasts about an hour. The director will play additional musical excerpts as needed to assist you in deciding which music you would like for the various parts of the liturgy.

Primary Questions

  1. Your contact information
  2. The day, date, and time of your wedding
  3. The presider for your wedding
  4. Will the wedding take place in the main church or the chapel?
  5. Will you be having a full mass or ceremony only?
  6. The number of people in your bridal procession (How many bridesmaids, groomsmen? Will you have ring bearers or flower girls?)
  7. The usual musicians for a wedding are an organist/pianist and a vocalist.
    Would you like to hire additional instrumentalists (violin, trumpet, flute, harp)?
  8. The exact plan of the music

Music Planning Meeting

Please contact the music director to arrange for the individual meeting time. Most commonly, the music director is available to meet on Saturday afternoons at the conclusion of the Saturday mass.

Procession Assistant

The music director also requests that you select a family member or friend to assist them during the wedding processionals. The person you appoint will have a wonderful view of the procession and will act as the music director's eyes and ears so that they can time the prelude and processional music with precision. It is a tremendous help to the music director if you appoint someone who will do the following things at the start of the wedding ceremony.

  1. Notify the music director when the wedding party is ready to begin the procession.
  2. Stand by the music director in the balcony, watch the procession, and tell them the progress of the procession as it is happening.
  3. Tell the music director when the Bridal party has finished processing and when the Bride is ready to process. The oberserver's task will be complete when the entrance procession is finished and may then go and sit with rest of the assembly.


Cantors are most commonly hired professional singers stipended separately from the music director fee. Often the music director hires qualified cantors from St. Ignatius Parish or professional vocalists who live in the neighborhood. Cantors who are relatives or friends of the family are most welcome to sing at the wedding liturgy. However, they must be experienced cantors for Catholic liturgy. A 30 minute rehearsal between the music director and a visiting cantor is included at no extra charge. Additional rehearsal time for cantors may be purchased at the rate of $30.00 per half hour. the music director does not usually attend the wedding rehearsal. However, if the rehearsal is the only possible time to rehearse with a cantor who is a family member or friend, then the music director will attend and rehearse with the soloist.


The music director is happy to assist you in selecting and hiring additional instrumentalists. We recommend Chicago Musical Connection who provides top quality additional instrumentalists for weddings. Typical fees $225.00 per player and up. These agencies provide the highest quality players in the city and are 100% dependable.

Chicago Musical Connection
Thomas Yang-violinist and contractor
(847) 256-6610

Brass Quartet or Quintet

Contact either Thomas Yang or Music Director
If you have any questions please give e-mail the music director at or call him at (773) 764-5936 ext 17.


The basic fee for wedding music at St. Ignatius is usually $375.00 which includes the cost of planning, the music director's fee ($225.00) as organist/pianist, and the cantor or vocal soloist fee (ranging usually from $125-$200 depending on the soloist, often $150.00). For Spanish language weddings, the music director often serves as both accompanist and cantor. In this case, the music director's fee is the same ($225.00). People often request the Coro Hispano to sing at weddings. Members of the Coro Hispano (usually 4 or 5 singers) may be hired to sing in place of a cantor. The fee for the Coro Hispano is $100.00. Therefore, the total fee for music at a wedding in Spanish with the Coro Hispano is $325.00.

Possible Additional Fees

Additional fees are charged if professional instrumentalists such as violinists, trumpeters, harpists, or flautists are hired. The stipend for most of these musicians is $175.00-$200.00 per player. Some instrumentalists, such as harpists, are more costly due to the expense of transporting their instruments. Harpists may charge $300.00 and up for performing at weddings.

Fee Payment

the music director requests that you provide full payment for the wedding music in advance of your wedding day. The best options are to leave payment at the rectory office sometime during the week preceding your wedding or on the night of your wedding rehearsal. This eliminates the uncomfortable circumstance of the music director having to interrupt your post ceremony celebration and photographs to solicit payment.

Guest Musicians

If you would like to bring in your own musicians to play for the wedding, the music for your ceremony still has to be approved by the music director. While there is no "bench fee" there is a $75.00 set-up/orientation fee which is charged to cover the cost of the music director setting up sound equipment for the visiting musicians and orienting them to the space and the instruments.

Substitute musicians in the event that the music director is unavailable

If the music director is unable to play for your wedding, they will assist you in finding substitute musicians of the finest calibre to play for your wedding ceremony. This will be done free of charge.

Planning Your Music

This is a list of the information needed for wedding music planning.
You may also download a PDF copy of the Wedding Music Planning Form here.

Wedding Music Planning Form

Wedding Information

Date Time

Will your wedding take place in the church or in the chapel?

Will you be having a full mass or only a ceremony?

Rehearsal Information

Date Time

Contact Information


First name  Last name 

Telephone (mobile): Telephone (home):



First name  Last name 

Telephone (mobile): Telephone (home):



First name  Last name 

Telephone (mobile): Telephone (home):



First name  Last name 

Telephone (mobile): Telephone (home):



First name  Last name 

Telephone (mobile): Telephone (home):



Yes No

First name  Last name 

Telephone (mobile): Telephone (home):


Instrument Played:

Bridal Party Information

How many Bridesmaids?

How many Groomsmen?

Flowergirl(s)? Yes No

Ring Bearer (s)? Yes No

Music Selections

Prelude 1:

Prelude 2:

Prelude 3:

Prelude 4:

Seating of Parents:

Bridesmaids Processional:

Bridal Processional:

Responsorial Psalm:

Gospel Acclamation:

Candle Ceremony (optional):


Eucharistic Acclamations:

Lamb of God:

Communion Song/Hymn:

Devotion to Mary (optional):