St. Ignatius
Choir Rehearsal Tracks

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  1. A La Nanita Nana - arr. DuSell
  2. Silent Night - arr. DuSell
St. Ignatius Parish Choir Repertoire

November 1, 2015 - Solemnity of All Saints

Prelude: Entrance Hymn: For All the Saints Gloria:Glory to God in C - DuSell Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 24: Lord, This is the people - Guimont Gospel Acclamation:Mass of Angels and Saints - Janco Offertory: "Blest are They" - Haas Offertory Anthem: In Paradisum - Chant Eucharistic Acclamations:Mass of Angels and Saints - Janco Communion: I Received the Living God - Proulx Closing Hymn: Sing With All the Saints in Glory