St. Ignatius
Liturgy Committee Member Job Description

The following characteristics are desirable for members of a Liturgy Committee. (adapted from "The Liturgy Committee Handbook" 2007 Thomas Baker & Frank Ferrone

  1. Must be interested in liturgy.
    We want individuals who have at one time or another been profoundly affected by liturgy & have a curiosity about how liturgy works.

  2. Be willing to serve the parish as a whole.
    This means we need members who are genuinely tolerant of a variety of ways of doing things liturgically. It's a big church we're all members of. We need committee members who accept and like diversity.

  3. Must be able to talk & listen.
    Discussion about how the liturgy does what it does, and how it affects us and the others in our parish at a deep and emotional level, is at the heart of our committee's business. Members must be confident enough in themselves and their feelings to contribute to a discussion in a meaningful way while not dominating the group.

  4. Be willing to fight for what is needed.
    The committee has a duty to place sensitive issues on the agenda on a regular basis. Members need to be willing to deal with whatever comes up directly and constructively.

  5. Value liturgy as a crucial service provided by our community.
    We know that liturgy is more than something we do for ourselves. It is also something we build to reach out to others. Liturgy makes a difference in people's lives. A parish that takes this ministry seriously does more good than it can ever possibly know.

  6. Must be willing to celebrate.
    We want members who are excited by and enjoy going about the work of liturgy. Members should expect a certain level of friendship, satisfaction and joy from participation on our Committee.

Liturgy Committee Contact People
Gregg Steigmeyer Liturgy Committee President
Mercedes Mac Laughlin Minister of Family Faith Life
Parish VIRTUS Coordinator
Christine Timcheck Volunteer and Welcoming Coordinator
Director of Music Ministry
Kathy Morris Director of Ignatian Services