St. Ignatius
St. Ignatius Parish Liturgy Committee Charter

The purpose of our committee is to serve our parish through the ministry of liturgy. We hope to build the faith in our community through understanding and participation in our church's liturgical celebration, rituals and traditions. Our committee will strive to find the most helpful and meaningful expression of those traditions for our parish and its people.

The ultimate goal of the Liturgy Committee is to promote full, conscious and active participation in the liturgy.

To this purpose we will address:

1. We will advise the pastor on all matters relating to liturgy, including but not limited to the matters he chooses to ask our opinion about.

2. We will work closely with our Parish Council on any liturgical question it chooses to assign to us for reflection and comment.

3. While our decisions and reactions are not binding upon the parish or its staff, as a matter of course the liturgy committee should be informed in advance about decisions and actions that affect the parish's liturgies. These areas include the hiring of parish musicians and liturgists, visiting priests, changes in the church environment and important changes in the liturgical schedule.

4. The Liturgy Committee will have the following standing committees. Each sub-committee may be headed by a staff member or appointed lay committee member.

5. At least once a year our committee will devote a meeting to an overall reflection on the parish's liturgical life and the successes and failures of the past year. This meeting will be held in the summer each year. This will include (but not be limited to) music, ministers, environments, space and materials. The Committee will also start planning the annual Liturgical Calendar at this time. After that meeting we will circulate notes describing the committee's discussion and its recommendations to the pastor, presiders and parish staff.

6. Membership will represent the Parish Staff and Laity. Members will be chosen based on their interest and the Job Description of Liturgy Committee Members (attachment). Members will be chosen to represent a cross section of the Parish community

7. The parish liturgy committee will meet at least ten times annually. The attendance of the chairman, secretary and the pastor, or his representative, is required at each meeting. A quorum is required at each meeting.

8. Liturgy Committee meetings will be announced in the bulletin prior to each meeting. Any other member of the parish may attend a liturgy committee meeting, unless certain meetings involve discussions of personnel or other sensitive matters and are closed to the public by the pastor and the chairperson. Any member of the parish is welcome to bring a suggestion or a complaint before the liturgy committee in person or in writing, and is entitled to receive an official and prompt response from the committee. Unsigned letters will not be considered by the committee.

9. At the beginning of the budget cycle the liturgy committee will receive an annual description from the Finance Council of the budget for parish liturgy for the coming year. The liturgy committee has the right to comment and ask questions concerning the overall level of spending on parish liturgy and to recommend particular spending items for the consideration of the pastor, the parish council, and the finance committee.

10. This Charter will be reviewed and revised as needed every 2 years.

Charter Accepted: Sept 9, 2013 Next Review/Revision: Summer 2015

Liturgy Committee Contact People
Gregg Steigmeyer Liturgy Committee President
Mercedes Mac Laughlin Minister of Family Faith Life
Parish VIRTUS Coordinator
Christine Timcheck Volunteer and Welcoming Coordinator
Director of Music Ministry
Kathy Morris Director of Ignatian Services